11-03-14 Pressrelease

Code Barometer 2010

Both the general public and the capital market actors have increasing confidence in Swedish corporate governance. This is one of the findings of the 2010 Code Barometer, presented by the Swedish Corporate Governance Board.

Public confidence in corporate governance has grown in all aspects, but it remains lowest with regard to the remuneration of company executives. Among actors in the capital market, company chairs are the most positive towards the latest amendments to the Corporate Governance Code, while CEOs of companies which were first-time users of the Code were the most negative.

"After a dip during the financial crisis, public confidence in the running of stock exchange listed companies has recovered and is now at a higher level than before the crisis. The importance of good corporate governance and the key role of the Code are now more widely recognised among actors in the capital market", notes Per Lekvall, Executive Director of the Swedish Corporate Governance Board.

 Pressrelease (2011-03-14)

 Code Barometer 2010, for capital market participants (In Swedish)

 Code Barometer 2010, for the general public (In Swedish)