12-04-20 Pressrelease

Revised Takeover Rules
on certain trading platforms from 2012-07-01

On 20 February 2012, the Swedish Corporate Governance Board announced its proposals for revised takeover rules on regulated markets. The Board has now, as envisaged, also finalised a revised version of the rules regarding takeovers on the multi trading facilities NASDAQ OMX First North, Nordic MTF and AktieTorget. These rules are by and large identical to the Takeover rules for regulated markets. The revised Takeover rules for certain trading platforms come into force on 1 July 2012.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Board took over the tasks of Näringslivets Börskommitté, the Swedish Industry and Commerce Stock Exchange Committee, in 2010. The changes in the Takeover rules have been summarised in the enclosed memorandum and the annotated version.

 Pressrelease about revised Takeover Rules on certain trading platforms (2012-04-20)

 Revised Takeover Rules on certain trading platforms

 Pressrelease, appendix

The responsibility for the Takeover rules, the Rules on Remuneration of the Board and Executive Management and on Incentive Programmes as well as the Recommendation on private placements was taken over by the Swedish Securities Market Self-Regulation Committee, (Sw. Aktiemarknadens Självregleringskommitté, ASK), on July 1, 2021. The rules are available at the Committee’s website, regelkommitten.se